Published: Saturday, 16 May 2015

Robot Dog SqWe currently working on 2 prototypes; a dog toy robot w/obstacle avoidance and telepresence, and a larger R2D2 style robot for security, hospitals, etc. We are planning a kickstarter project for the dog toy robot.

The exact feature list and certain markets remain blacked out for now to preserve our market edge, but you can follow our progress on Instagram (brookewallace7731) and twitter (brookbot)

The Company

CompanyOur solution was concieved in the late 1980's at the height of the cold war from robotics research at the National Institue of Standards and Technology. It was kept secret due to moral issues and READ MORE

The Team

ThumbsMeet the team and read the biographies of each associate.  BrookBot prides itself in selecting only the most qualified candidates for their respective positions  READ MORE

Company Activism

NukesBrookbot is dedicated to a future of telecommuting, energy conservation and world economy. It is not our intention to reinvent READ MORE