Published: Wednesday, 24 June 2015


PaddleBroken Paddle Law - This is essentially humanitarianism and states the someone that has become homeless may occupy a public space without fear of harm or incarceration. We accept that in modern day capitalism one may fall and become "broken". It is our intention to support public services to provide aid to those in need and assist them find again purpose and a productive place in society. (see Law of the Splintered Paddle)



NukesCessation of Nuclear Power -  Nuclear Power is not a viable energy solution. Its estimated that the earth has enough nuclear material to power the US for no more than a decade. We must move to renewable sources of energy. Further more our many nuclear plants are deteriorating and there is still no viable plan to manage the waste other than store it at the plant. This solution is susceptible to failure as we have seen and continue to see as with Chernobyl, Long Island and most recently Fukushima. Any such disaster renders large swaths of land as unusable for decades and so the cost benefit is just not there. We support a moderate rate of decommissioning as renewable energy solutions become available.



Recycling  - Humanity is such that we have the potential to occupy the earth for millenniums. The earth is our only resource and we have recently become aware that it is limited, so we must learn to conserve and reprocess all of non-renewable resources such as oil, plastic and metals. For example modern day packaging must make a shift from sales oriented to recycle friendly. We must move from a throw away society to a recycle society.



UnnamedElectric Highway - The Electric Highway is a vision of the future of transportation consisting of electric vehicles operating autonomously on specialized roadways designed for speeds up to and in excess of 200 mph. The Electric Highway will eliminate auto related deaths and allow for the same day, same hour, transport and distribution of goods using renewable energy. Its expected that these advancements along with automated manufacturing and food processing will improve the quality of life and finally bring an end to world hunger and social inequality. (see Free EVSE)

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